Potency Testing

We can determine the total potency of cannabis by measuring the abundance and diversity of THC derivatives using gas chromatography, and reliable standards.

We dry the sample to determine percent moisture, and then homogenize the sample to ensure the release of cannabinoids into a suitable suspension for analysis.  The sample is processed through a centrifuge and filtration to remove insolubles and other components unrelated to the medical properties of cannabis.  The solution is injected into the gas chromatograph and separated on a column by volatility.  Known concentrations of THC derivatives are used in a stringent quality control to ensure our equipment is always calibrated and the results are accurate. 

Our GCMS system can detect Delta-9 THC, Delta-8 THC, CBC, CBD, CBG, and CBN compounds without additional preparation.  We can test the acidic, non active, forms Delta-9THCA, CBCA, CBDA, CBGA, and CBNA through a simple compound modification procedure, which is included in our standard method used for medibles. This test is designed to give you the ultimate analysis of your medical marijuana’s possible effects prior to consumption.

Don’t settle for a cannabis lab that offers only a basic THC and CBD result.  At 3B Analytical we use the most advanced methods and equipment in the industry, sensitive enough to give insight into active compounds never before available to the Oregon medical marijuana community.    

Potency references