Rules and Regulations

OHA Informational Bulletin
  • 12/15/17: Summary & Guidance for New Testing Rules View
  • 12/14/15: Summary of New Temporary Testing Rules View
  • 11/15/16: Interpreting Test Results View
Temporary Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR)

    NOTE: Temporary Testing Rules Are Effective December 2, 2016 To May 30, 2017. Sections Found In The Temporary Rules Will Supersede Sections Found In The Permanent Rules. Please Review The Temporary Testing Rules Below.

  • Marijuana Labeling, Concentration Limits, and Testing View
  • Exhibit B: Sample Increments Per Batch Size View
  • Exhibit A: Pesticide Analytes And Their Action Levels; List Of Solvents And Their Action Levels View
Permanent Oregon Administrative Rules
  • Cannabis Testing View
  • Marijuana Labeling And Concentration Limits View
  • Table 1: Retail Adult Use Cannabis Concentration And Serving Size Limits View
  • Table 2: Medical Cannabis Concentration And Servicing Size Limits View
  • Medical Marijuana View
  • Accreditation Of Laboratories View
  • General Requirements Applicable To All Marijuana Licensees View